Monday, January 2, 2012

Part 3: Change Color and rims for my TE27

After Change New New Rims Technoracing TV-R 15 inch
Yesterday before celebrating New year 2012, something happen at my kit after done a layer of flat black color.The result from it made my kit look mess and i decided to re-paint with flat black color at the whole body and one of the main reason i decide to do this because in the morning 1/1/2012 we have a 1st Gathering at Wangsa Maju and need to bring this kit too.
  My model kit with Oem rims look very Standard cars like Base line model,then i found at Rss Hobby sell lot of rims suitable with my TE27 and i choose this rims to fit into my Kit..Yeahh it's look great .


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