Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fujimi Honda Integra DC2 Type R

After a long time trying to complete the project DC2, I feel satisfied even take a long time and have to finish it with a very careful and need to modify slightly to reduce theDC2. Remaining 10% to finish my final work on my DC2 kit. In the future I willupload my pictures DC2 projects already completed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fujimi Daihatsu Move CX L6 Completed

Finally after two week i manage to complete this kit even got some mistake when i made masking and paint job but i try my best to alter and reduce the mistake.Thank to all my follower BBSTC mebers and also MDC members who always give moral support and tips for me to built more knowledge.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daihatsu Move L6 Part 4

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fujimi Daihatsu Move L6 Part 3

For 3 days i manage to fill my holidays with to built W.i.p of my model kit as perfect as i can and as fast as i can do in 3 days.I also rebuilt my Toyota Altezza and built fujimi Honda Integra Dc2 during my holiday..A lot of time a spending on sanding,undercoat and the hardest work is lowering suspension for DC2 and Move,sometimes make me pressure and sometimes made me don't have a mood oh forgot one more thing,masking the trim and to made 2 tone color....hehe..Maybe 2-3 days from now all 3 cars i try to complete with bit detailing,clear coat and apply decal. This picture show Part 3 of my W.I.P (takes total built time about 3-4 week)

Monday, October 10, 2011

W.I.P Fujimi Daihatsu Move CX Part 2

3rd days of work progress,i made some modification and add some optional parts at my L6 such as air scoop,Fog lamp with cover and Center antenna made my L6 look much better than before.For info,this previous picture at the box shown N/A (Normally Aspirated Model) and mine (after put Optional parts) are from Move L6 Turbo (JB-JL engine twincam..hehe)...Ok we go through to the progress picture for 3rd days W.I.P..Please give some comment and an idea to enhance my skill.Thank you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

1/24 Fujimi Honda Integra DC2 Spoon Version

Still work in progress almost 3 weeks..Pending work coz need to make it more detail and looks smart than before.ehhe..This kit need to repaint back...Btw,this DC2 done lowering...Before this it look like 4x4..haha.

1/24 Daihatsu Move CX / Move L6 N/A Part 1

After 2-3 month searching for one of my whishlist model kit,finally i got what i want with very reasonable price i 'm really happy to built this kit.Daihatsu Move CX also can it Daihatsu Move L6 N/A (if turbo version have front lips,air scoop and spotlite, but for this version referring the box,this model is N/A version.Come out with 2 dashboard (left and drive) and additional parts maybe to custom or make it as spare parts.Last but not least,i will upload/update about my latest model kit include picture.. :D

Saturday, October 1, 2011

latest my Tomica Collection

I like to collect Tomica not only the Tomica's made Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) but,the unique of this casting.Some people said,Tomica produce the ugly design,wheels and lack of detailing,but for me i don't mind with that reason because i a real collector especially cars model from Japan.Tomica model have a different size of each model such as for Tomica Honda Civic Type R the actual scale is 1/64 but for Suzuki Swift 1/61 if i not mistaken.But size doesn't matter it still acceptable :) For all Tomica lovers, lets collect this casting as much as u can..hehe.

My 1st Hotwheels Dairy Delivery

Here my 1st collection of Dairy Delivery and this model from Hotwheels Master of The Universe and i glad to get one of the best Hotwheels Casting.This Dairy Delivery a.k.a DD got the rubber tire at front and rear.Maybe on the next whist list,i will put this casting on the top of my favorite casting and most wanted DD..This picca i taken after i loose it from the blister..wuahahaha...and 2nd picca,my DD got minor service..Maybe change some part to race with other hotwheels cars..hehe..Forgot to says,i bought this yesterday..Really excited to make it loose..haha

Hotwheels Datsun 240z Super and Regular T-Hunt

Hotwheels Datsun 240z Super and Regular T-Hunt  i got this and this item already loose coz i like to loose any carded that i have either it rare or not.Today i make a little bit detailing on headlamp,front grill and bar panel to make it look more real...

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