Monday, January 2, 2012

1 January 2012 BBSTC 1st Anniversary Gathering

Yesterday, our BBSTC 1st Anniversary Gathering at Rss Garage,Wangsa Maju,Kuala Lumpur and this is my the best gathering for me.A lot of cars,van,lorry and cars model on the display table.I arrived about 11:00am at Rss Garage with my friend Aziz and we bring out our collection to be display.Thank to all of you  and special thank to Edy Aziz,Rss Garage&parents,Kelab Kereta Kecik Johor,Geng Lumut,Geng Kopitiam Bangsar,Scale modelling and all participants,sponsor and etc..Credit to Akit (This picture taken by him) and if you interested to join our Group,Find us at or Facebook/BBSTC.

BBSTC T-shift,keychain,stiker and lucky draw gift.

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