Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After 2 years serious collection

Just taken this picture and this is all my latest collection.From scale 1:59,1:61,1:64,1:24,and 1:36
After almost 2 years i'm serious with my hobbies collecting the diecast especially Hotwheels and other 1:64 scale brand like matchbox,tomica,realtoys etc, about 130pcs mostly 1:64 display aat my rack and after made some calculation,it cost around 1.3k +- and it not including 1:24 plastic model kit and other collection.But,i really happy with my hobbies even some people said this hobbies look like a childish and not good.I don't mind with other people talking about this,i happy with my hobbies and my wife also give a support to me. :)

Brand List of my collection:-

  • Tomica/Takara Tomy Scale 1:59,1:61,1:60 , 1:64
  • Hotwheels Scale 1:64 
  • Fujimi (1:24 Plastic Model Kit)
  • Tamiya  (1:24 Plastic Model Kit)
  • Matchbox  Scale 1:64 
  • Kinsmart 1:36
  • Hotwheels Ferrari Collection series (SHELL) Scale 1:38
  • Realtoys/Fastlane Scale 1:64
  • SHELL James Bond Collection (China Brand)
  • Yodal (Initial D ) Scale 1:72


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