Friday, August 19, 2011

my 4th Model kit Project (Tamiya Honda City Bulldog Turbo II

For my 4th project model kit,i'm choose Honda City Bulldog as my latest project because it look like Daihatsu Mira L70 but the different is headlamp.The special of this kit it's come with figure.For this City it take around a week to complete and the worst parts is when i tries to make a panel line,the color and panel look to mess after then i repaint with other color and the same thing happen and at last i choose Candy Red to my Honda City.

1:64 Greenlight Garage Tools for hotwheels,tomica,matchbox and other.

Just get my parcel after 3 weeks order this item from seller at Facebook and today i got this and really happy with this parcel.After 2 days pending at poslaju,finally it come to papa..haha..This garage tools suitable for garage diorama or maybe for pit stop diorama perhaps.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tomica Honda Civic Type R

Brand: Tomica
Model: Honda Civic FD Type R
Year: 2007
Made: In China
Color: Solid White
Scale: 1:64

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Latest picture at my garage.

Here the latest picture at my 1:24 scale model garage.Just finish built Tamiya Honda City Bulldog for 4th project of mine and i decided to re-built my 1st project model,Toyota Altezza maybe will come with new design and color perhaps..

Complete Build Subaru Legacy B4 Limited

About a week to complete my Subaru Legacy B4 project with color choosing "Sparkling Blue" same like R32 color to made it look more interesting i decided to color the front bonnet with flat black.This kit have an extra accessories  like side skirt,rear spoiler,sporty front and rear bumper,the great package to make it look lowered.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My 3rd Project Subaru Legacy B4 Limited

Just done about 75% for my 3rd project Subaru Legacy B4 Limited and it's take about 4 days until now to complete about 75% which done interior painting,sanding body-shell,assemble and fitting the small parts that need you to calm down and if not the small parts maybe will be broken/damage or will be into the dust bin..hehe..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basic tools for modeler (Model kits/gundam/related)

Here i attach my basic tools especially for us who want to starting built plastic model kit or others related with plastic model.In the attachment picture,show basic tools that you can find at stationary or supermarket.I will try to explain/describe each of tools and the usage of it.

1.Knife - To cut out the unwanted part at the item.
2.Glue -To attach the headlamp,rear lamp and also other plastic parts.
3.Tamiya Cement- Use to glue bumper,spoiler,side mirror and other parts.
4.Masking tape- Use when you want to make  especially 2 tone color or more at body/interior.
5.Brush- Use to make a undercarriage detail,interior detail and small parts. (using acrylic paint)
6.Tweezer- Use to hold the small parts when do the assemble and also use when you want to apply decal at body.
7.Marker pen-Use when do detailing.
8.Cutter- Use to cut out parts from sprue.

3rd New Project for Subaru Legacy

Hi all...A long time i haven't update my blog cause of busy with my jobs and limited time to update and i want to apologize to all of you.Here my 3rd Model kit was bought at Hobby HQ with the cheapest price and i decided to made it as my 3rd project.Actually,before this just plan to take other JDM model like Skyline R33,R34 and plan to built k-car JDM cars but cause of lack of stock/resources ,i decided to grab anything in front of me.ehehe..I will update the progress of this model kit soon..stay tune..

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