Friday, January 20, 2012

After a few month..Finally..

After a few month awaiting without any answer,i assume will not got this item coz of a lot of people wanted this item too,but if i'm not mistaken, after 3-4 month finally i got what i want before.Happy and shock coz yesterday  i wanted to grab this item at Pusat Pungutan Poslaju at Bandar Baru Bangi.After Post attendance got my form,he gave me a parcel and without wasting the time,i opened and saw what inside the box..And after it .....

Yeahh My VAN MILO MINI......!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After 2 years serious collection

Just taken this picture and this is all my latest collection.From scale 1:59,1:61,1:64,1:24,and 1:36
After almost 2 years i'm serious with my hobbies collecting the diecast especially Hotwheels and other 1:64 scale brand like matchbox,tomica,realtoys etc, about 130pcs mostly 1:64 display aat my rack and after made some calculation,it cost around 1.3k +- and it not including 1:24 plastic model kit and other collection.But,i really happy with my hobbies even some people said this hobbies look like a childish and not good.I don't mind with other people talking about this,i happy with my hobbies and my wife also give a support to me. :)

Brand List of my collection:-

  • Tomica/Takara Tomy Scale 1:59,1:61,1:60 , 1:64
  • Hotwheels Scale 1:64 
  • Fujimi (1:24 Plastic Model Kit)
  • Tamiya  (1:24 Plastic Model Kit)
  • Matchbox  Scale 1:64 
  • Kinsmart 1:36
  • Hotwheels Ferrari Collection series (SHELL) Scale 1:38
  • Realtoys/Fastlane Scale 1:64
  • SHELL James Bond Collection (China Brand)
  • Yodal (Initial D ) Scale 1:72

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Diecast collection..Part 2

After got a lot of poison from Hotwheels/diecast collector, i re-active my activity like gathering,haul,trade,buy online and give a poison to others collector too..hehe..2012 give me a lot of my wishlist diecast such as Syline R32 dropstars,Honda EP3,RX7 FC,Tomica Evo 10 ,Civic Si and a lot of JDM's cars..Hopefully it will grow and grow days by days.

Tomica,Hotwheels,and Matchbox Evo 10


Evo Clan

Mini Challanger

Subaru Impreza Ver 8 (Hotwheels) and Ver 9 (Realtoys)

2012 Hotwheels,Matchbox and Tomica Fest part 1

Here a latest diecast 1:64 (mostly) haul for this year of 2012.Most of it are the variant cars..I love to collect variant cars especially from Japan Made.

Finally i got this.Hotwheels Honda EP3..Thank Hadicody

Mini Morris.

Mini Morris.Small but Nice

Tomica suzuki Swift,Swift Sport And Swift Rally 

Honda Fit 

The Skyline's Family..R33 yet found.

Honda S200

Honda Acura NSX

Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si-Love the Tampo

JDM's Gathering..

Hotwheels RX-7 FD and FC Savanna

Tomica For sale..

Tomica Regular for sales.
1.Tomica Honda Civic Type R
2.Tomica Lancer Evolution 10 (Blue)
3.Tomica Lancer Evolution 10 (Red)

E-mail to for price.

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