Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Diecast collection..Part 2

After got a lot of poison from Hotwheels/diecast collector, i re-active my activity like gathering,haul,trade,buy online and give a poison to others collector too..hehe..2012 give me a lot of my wishlist diecast such as Syline R32 dropstars,Honda EP3,RX7 FC,Tomica Evo 10 ,Civic Si and a lot of JDM's cars..Hopefully it will grow and grow days by days.

Tomica,Hotwheels,and Matchbox Evo 10


Evo Clan

Mini Challanger

Subaru Impreza Ver 8 (Hotwheels) and Ver 9 (Realtoys)


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