Monday, December 26, 2011

Part 2: Fujimi Toyota TE27

Big Boys Toys Club 1st Gathering around the corner,this event at 1 January 2012 and i tried to complete my latest project.This kit takes around more than a month,because i was busy with my jobs and done have an idea to complete this kit.Today i fit engine,and other component and about 10% to complete this kit and will bring it at BBSTC 1st Gath.

Hotwheels Collection Evo 10 1:64

This is my Collection of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 and also in the picture Evo 7,subaru Impreza Version 8 Rally and subaru Impreza Version 9.Still manage to get more variant for Evo 10 either from Hotwheels,Matchbox.Tomica or othe brand.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A part of Mini

This is a part of my Morris Mini and Mini Challanger Collection...Maybe in the future,manage to get more variant of this mini.

25 December 2011 New Haul

 Today i went to Amcorp Mall to bought some diecast that i wish to buy,also want to see my friends.For the first time came to Amcorp Mall Flea Market,the situation so awesome and a lot of thing you will find out there such as diecast like Hotwheels,tomica,Kyosho,autoarts and other and also antique item.Today bought HW A-team (Thank Aking for A-team and TH Chovette) and bought HW Morris Mini (Yellow Color with Flame).After that,i went to Jusco Taman Maluri and grap 5pack Hotwheels Tunerz and Tomica Honda Fit.It's enough for today haul coz a saw my wallet look thin..hahaha..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Paint jobs at 2 set of my rims

Just done my paint job for 2 set of rims for my Toyota Altezza and for Nissan Skyline R32.Got this an idea from my fellow friends when i saw him with new rims (Perodua Kancil L502+L2s) hehe and inspire it into my 1:24 scale rims.Maybe in the future,i tries to paint the other rims with other color and made it look more interesting and maybe look elegant.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fujimi:Toyota TE27

   After more than a month without built a model kit because busy with my work and comitment with family,
now i started with new project model kit from Fujimi and the model that i choose is Toyota TE27 for my 9th 
project model kit.Starting to built this kit,i spent a couple of days to take a mood and built up back my concentration to focus for this project. Woahh it to hard for me when i want to restart the new project..huhu..Hopefully all of you will give me some an idea,motivation and anything that all of you will share with me to enhance my skill,knowledge and etc.Here i attach some picture..

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